Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Nesting Gone Bananas

This nesting thing is getting a little out of control! It started with little things, you know, like wanting to clean the cupboards, to deciding that every.single.drawer needs to be organized with baskets and organizers. Yes ladies, I have even organized my toilet paper, it's that bad.  I won't bore you with pics of my organized toilet paper, but I did want to share my makeup drawer. I still keep the majority of my makeup in an organizer, but for my every day makeup I decided to organize it in a drawer so that I have easier access to it on those mornings when I'm in a mad rush because I decided to hit the snooze button one too many times (it's happening more and more these preggie days!)

Yes, this happened as well

As well as my psychotic overwhelming need to organize everything in this house, I have now decided that EVERY room needs to be completed before bb's arrival. First room being Baby Dancey's room of course, but I  have also set my sights on our master bedroom. That poor room that has been neglected in our house re-do. I am in love with our duvet and headboard..but that's about it.
My first mission was to find a vintage night stand with a french country feel and lookey lookey what I found!

Isn't it delish? I'm super happy with it. I am in love with the colour, which is the perfect gray (although it doesn't look that way in these pics)

Hubby is going to paint our bedroom next weekend. We went on the hunt for the perfect soft white and are in between "Swiss Coffee" by Benjamin Moore (Said to be the perfect off-white) or Para "Snowfall" (apparently it's Sarah Richardson's fav)...we'll soon see who the winner is!

But more importantly, this weekend it's PROJECT BABY'S ROOM!!! I am SO excited I can't even tell you!

We have already painted the top of his room a soft gray and are going to do paneling at the bottom in white. This is Hubby's big DIY with his Dad, so good luck to them!
We purchased his dresser and drapery and will be picking up the crib this week. It's all coming together now! Will update next week!



  1. Wooohooo! So many exciting things happening around the house before the little one. I need some motivation to get organized too, but a baby just won't work! lol. xo

  2. Haha! You're too funny! Other than a baby, sometimes a new piece of furniture brings it on...maybe it's time to go shopping!!! wink


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