Tuesday, 17 July 2012

French Sofa Deliciousness

Yesterday I posted a picture of a French sofa that I saw at an antique store and thought, I need to do a post on these beauties! I've always had an obsession a love affair with French Sofas. They remind me of Marie Antoinette and I think they are the epitome of French fabulousness. Want, need, must have, swoon, swoon, drool

I'm loving the sofa in this picture, but I'm also LOVING the cremone bolts on the windows...oh wow. This room is stunning

Oooh, a gilt French sofa...yummy

Love how cool this room is, then you have the French sofa to make it more classic. Also LOVE the Hermes blanket on it

For me, this is the ultimate in perfection, a CANE BACK French Sofa....SWOON

Pink is very Marie Antoinette no?

These two above feel more contemporary to me because of their straight backs and lines but I love them as well!

Love this one and I love this table! There is a similar brass one at Penney & Company that I love

OK, so the next few are chaises, don't even get me started on these....love these as well!

Do you notice she's holding a piggy??? This picture is perfection! I die

I love this whole room, and love the juju hats on the wall! You may remember this post all about these fabulous African wreathes 

This itty bitty one is so cute

Pink and white stripes on a French sofa??? I may need a fan

I love the blue velvet

Perfection, and now I'm depressed.

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