Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My obsession

Cannot.get.enough.of.cane.back.chairs.....My dream would be to do cane chairs all around our kitchen table...swoon

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Orange Crush

So, I have to admit something...I'm a little selfish with my blog....I typically only post things that I LOVE and that inspire me. So at times, I ignore trends that are hot right now, like this one...Orange, or I should say, Tangerine. Tangerine Tango was recently declared Pantone 2012 colour of the year. Funny enough, because orange is probably one of my worst colours! I just didn't understand this one, so I decided to do some "design research" and to figure out what all the fuss was about...

Still can't say that orange is my favourite or that I'll be doing it any time soon, but I have to admit, when used in little pops, I don't mind it! Did I just say that???

Photo Credits~ Jeffrey Bilhuber, Hero Tango, Pantone, My Desired Home, Elle Decor, Russell Smith Photography

High or Low

OK, so I'm way too chicken to actually do this, but I LOVE the pink walls in this week's Style at Home, High or Low! I'm also loving how tricky this one is. Happy guessing!

~Room 1~

~Room 2~

Room 1~ Low $4,194
Room 2~ High $10, 101 

Monday, 27 February 2012

Kitchen of the week

Happy, happy Monday! Here is my kitchen of the week...i'm loving the carrera marble on the island

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Oscar Fashion

My pic for the loveliest dress at the Oscars is....Kristen Wiig, wearing J. Mendel.
VERY Carrie Bradshaw....LOVING. She is workin' her nude tulle strapless gown. Can I say again how much I love???

Honorable mention goes to Natalie Portman, who is dotted in Dior...This vintage beauty is from Christian Dior's SS 1954 heart

I'm positively drooling over these two dresses

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Two Lovely Things

Two lovely things...Bar carts and blossoms

As Good As Gold

Gold is my obsession...yup, I said it. I started to write something after each picture, but basically it went a little something like this...want, want, want a lot, want, really want, If I don't get this I may die, get the point

I imagine cupcakes with gold liners taste that much better

Wish this was my cutlery and bowls

Should have done this for my wedding cake...sigh

Gold fairy lights at Christmas

Lovely way to organize your mail!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Have a Lovely Weekend!

This picture makes me giggle. Here's hoping your weekend is filled with wine...either yours or someone else's 

Photo Credits~ Just Frenchies Magazine

Thursday, 23 February 2012


Is it just me, or is no room complete without some kind of animal in it??? I love the "kitschy-ness" of it. Lately I've been noticing horse heads EVERYWHERE. Home Sense is filled with them in every corner. Lamps, bookends, you name it. I'm not usually "trendy" when it comes to decorating but I have ALWAYS loved silly little animal things, so I love that this is a trend now! I was SO tempted by all the horse heads but my hubby just wasn't having it. He can deal with dogs, even birds in small doses, but horses? Not so much...
Birds are my fav tho, if it were up to me, I'd have birds on every surface, yup, I'm that crazy bird lady. I have them on my window sill in the kitchen and on the toilet...I LOVE birds! At Christmas time my tree is full of them! I literally have to stop myself from buying little bird ornaments every time I'm shopping. Maybe I have some kind of weird bird fetish??? Must deal with that.

Here's the problem...there's a fine line between old lady and kitsch.....Remember when you'd visit your Grandma's house and she had those Cocker Spaniel ornaments, or the ceramic animals??? I'd say the more comical, whimsical, or ornate the animal, the better. Have fun with it...the bigger the animal, the more it will make you smile and it will be a conversation piece! Just don't start putting them ALL over your house like Grandma did...

This giant deer is too fab. Look at him all shiny, just resting on the coffee table...

I'm pretty sure I'm in love with these dogs alongside the fire place

I know you're all thinking I'm craaaazy but I LOVE that swan. Swoon.

Can't decide if I like this horse head better gold or black

Wouldn't you just feel so glamorous with that GORGEOUS white peacock beside you??? Want.

Love this lamp

If the animals are too much, maybe ostrich eggs are more your style???

Photo Credits~ Barrie Benson, Clayton Gray, Bien Cuit, Bijou and Boheme, Hi Sugarplum, This is Glamorous

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fabulous Headboards

To say I love EACH of these headboards is an understatement...they are so ornate, so feminine, and oh so fabulous. Have a looksie at these gorg headboards...I'll take them ALL please

Imagine crawling into this bed every night??? Oh a girl can dream, right???

This is my idea of the PERFECT headboard

A cane bed???? Oh my heavens...I have yet to find one of these but lordy, lordy, if I do, we're in trouble!

This bed would be all my childhood bed-dreams come to life! I always wanted a canopy over my bed when I was little. I just thought it would feel SO glamorous, and since I thought I was a REAL Princess, I just couldn't understand why I just didn't have a bed like this!

Love this bottom of this bed! You would def NOT need a bedskirt!!! LOVE, love, love

Photo Credits~  LDVD, Leah Balderson, Roost, This is glamorous, Bien Cuit 

High or Low

Here is this week's Style at Home, High or Low. This one is tricky! The chandelier is spot on and so is the fireplace mantle, wallpaper, and that hutch! Usually I can tell right away, but had to look super hard at this one! I'm two for two, how about you??? Happy guessing!

Room 1~

Room 2~

Ok, so the chairs and carpet eventually gave it away for me...can you believe the difference in price???
Room 1~High $42,461
Room 2~Low $12,282

Photo Credits~ Style at Home