Saturday, 11 February 2012

Crazy for Grass cloth

Just because I haven't put wallpaper up in my house, (other than Madison's room) doesn't mean I'm not obsessed with's just the opposite....I can't decide what I want!!!  I have had a long-time love affair with wallpaper. I've loved it my whole life. When we moved into one of our houses when I was young, my room had a blue rambling rose wallpaper...OK, so I covered it up with New Kids On The Block posters, but I did appreciate it's beauty! Here's my problem now, I can't decide. I had always loved damask, but damask is WAY too trendy now, so I'd never do it. I just want to be sure the wallpaper I choose will be something unique, I don't want to see it everywhere. I also LOVE Husband......not so much.

I "think" I have narrowed down my choices. Let me introduce the first contender....grass cloth. I love the texture, the simplicity, everything about it. 

Here are some divine rooms with grass cloth wallpaper...I'm drooling over here! (Next post will be the next contender....stay tuned!)

Photo Credits~Decor Pad, La Dolce Vita

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