Friday, 3 February 2012

Design Vision for my Bedroom

To my dismay, our bedroom is the one room in our house that is still left untouched. I find, for me anyway, that if you try to decorate your WHOLE house at once it can get overwhelming. So we've been focusing on the living room and our bathroom (which was in DESPERATE need of painting) and left everything else for now....So I usually don't focus too much on bedrooms because my mind just isn't quite there yet!!! But as I've been perusing my favourite design websites, I've come across these fab rooms that have begun to inspire me! 

Here is my Design Vision for our bedroom~

1. I know I DEFINITELY want a a fabric headboard...either tufted with studs or just tufted...decisions, decisions!

2. We already have the most DELISH duvet cover (a lovely bridal shower gift). It's the Italian Vintage Baroque Duvet from Restoration Hardware, shown below. Not a bad start right!?!
(Note: NOT our headboard, sigh)

And we were also lucky to receive this GORGEOUS quilt as a shower gift. It's the Vintage -Washed Belgian Linen Quilt and pillow shams, also from Restoration Hardware

This headboard is just fab, I'm thinking this may be the one...

Definitely want an over-sized chandelier in our bedroom

Love the headboard, (you can just see a peek of it) as well as the lamp

Where do I begin with this room??? LOVE the french chair, will def do a chair like this one. Love the side table and that headboard has me wanting this one instead!

I'm imagining this little office nook in the corner of a bedroom (Unfortunately not mine as of right now as I don't have the room!) the ghost chair, tres fab

Have a looksie at Gwyneth Paltrow's powder room as featured in House and Garden magazine. SO chic! I'm loving the black wallpaper...would love to do this pattern in another colour!

I was thinking a mirrored bedside table, but now I'm wondering if they've been overdone...hmmm

And of course, I couldn't do a post on bedrooms without including Michael Buble's room as featured in House and Home (I already posted this but it's too fab not to show again!)... One of my all time favs...I'll take it ALL please

There's that studded headboard again...hmmm

Too delish! Love the headboard, the curtains and that light fixture

And my master bath...a girl can dream right!?!

Photo Credits~ Meredith Heron Designs, Hewlett, La Dolce Vita, The Zhush, Freckles Chic, House and Garden Magazine, Mhouse Inc.

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