Thursday, 12 July 2012

Katie Lee Joel's former Manhattan home Designed by Nate Berkus

Whew! That was quite the title! This house is amazeballs (yup, I just used the word amazeballs, but I meant it). Nate Berkus can do no wrong. This house is my perfect. A mix of glam, the right amount of contemporary with some beautiful antique pieces...can I move in pretty please!?! No, like I'm serious

Where do I even begin in this room? The rug, the gilded table, the GORG french arm chairs, that chandelier, the handsome sofa...oh my

Here's a wider view of this space...heaven

Love the detail of the fireplace and those upholstered stools are beautiful

OK, there are 3 chandeliers in a still my heart

If I'm being picky, this isn't my "dream kitchen" but it's not bad

Is that a HARRY ALLEN GOLD PIG I see on the sideboard??? I told you this was my dream house

In case you don't know what this delightful pig looks like close up, you can read about my obsession love for this little piggy here

That headboard is stunning!

There's also a cute video tour of this home on It wouldn't let me share the video, so click here to go to the link

Photo Credits~ Nate Berkus, Harry Allen Design, xpo, Decor Pad,


  1. I love the use of lighting in these rooms. I particular like the spotlights on the kitchen table. Where did you get them?!

  2. Hi Rich! Thanks so much for your comments! Isn't the lighting amazing throughout the space? I got these photos from Decor Pad, I actually should have given credit there, will do now. There is also a video of the space on, it's great! Take care!

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