Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Pops of Pink

Hello hot pink! I am a pink girl, no other colour makes me feel as happy as pink. I'm usually a baby pink fan but lately I've been drawn to HOT pink! Maybe it's the hot weather that has me feeling all sassy, but it's def one of my favs! In my wardrobe and now I want it in my house, I'm loving pops of hot pink!

Imagine a hot pink door!?! 

I want this bench!!! Oh Hubby, why can't you just love pink like I do???

All that pink in this closet!

Photo Credits~ House Beautiful, Tumblr, Dear Marguerite, Larissa Lovely, La Dolce Vita, Live love Prep, Sadie and Daisy, That Inspirational Girl, Decor Pad

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