Monday, 16 April 2012

Creamware and Penny & Co.

I've always been a huge fan of creamware. This weekend I happened to pick up two LOVELY pieces at my new fav store, Penney & Co. I had been waiting for this store to open for weeks! I was positively giddy when we went on Sat. morning. If you don't know who Michael Penney is, he is an awesome designer who has worked with Sarah Richardson, House and Home, and the list goes on! He is quite fab so I just knew his new shop would be divine. I wasn't disappointed. I basically told Michael that I would be stalking his entire life and visiting him weekly, luckily he is a sweetheart and wasn't too freaked out! Ha! We found this delicious Ginger Jar lamp and a creamware vase. Everything in his store is beautiful, it was hard to leave with just these two things!

Here is a little peak inside Penney & Co. If you look closely, you can see my Ginger Jar lamp, and look at all that lovely creamware in the hutch!

Here is the sweet little ginger jar lamp in my home. I'm in love

And here is the creamware vase in our basement! Isn't she pretty!?!

Here are some more pictures of some wonderful creamware...can't get enough

Photo Credits~ Cake Stand Land, Southern hospitality, Pamlico


  1. That lamp is over the top good!!!!!

  2. I can't wait to visit this new store too ... looks great! I am a huge fan of creamware and have collected it over the years. Sometimes, I am willing to part with a few pieces and sell it in my store ... only because I am running out of display space at home!

  3. Hello Lovely! Thanks for the comment. You should DEFINITELY take a trip there soon! Where is your store?

  4. I love the lamp! Could you tell me where you got the accent table from?

  5. Hi Elaine! Thanks so much! The table was from a little store in downtown Port Perry, called Adorn. Please follow my blog if you like what you see. Always looking for wonderful people to share lovely things with!
    xoxo, Sarah

  6. I have to ask ... The flowers are so pretty but are they silk? Where did you find them. I am terrible with plants and flowers and the dog likes to eat them if they are real. But I really want a few vases around.

  7. Hello Sweetpea! Yes, they are silk. They are actually from the grocery store Metro! No one can believe they are fake and EVERYONE feels them to see if they are real. They even feel real, so weird! Hope you can find some!

  8. Really metro! They look gorgeous. So real looking. Hmmm off shopping tomorrow:). I love your decorating style post some more ideas. I am terrible at putting things together to look good. But you have inspired me!

  9. Aww thanks Elaine! I will definitely continue to post lots of ideas! LOVE hearing from you! xo


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