Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Have you ever waited and waited to buy a certain something? I have. Thai Silk Solid drapery from Restoration Hardware, oh how I love thee. I've wanted these beauties circa 2006. Most early twenty-something gals aren't desperate for drapery, but this girl sure was! There were only two little problems...1) I couldn't afford them 2) I didn't have a home of my own to put them in (totally still lived at home til I got married). Fast forward to 2012 and my delicious Husband surprised me with them. Yup, he's a cheeky boy. Well, he tried anyways...We went to Restoration to buy this faux arctic fox pillow and as ALWAYS when I go there I found myself in the drapery section. But this time Ryan sure was asking a LOT of questions...He was all like, sooo what colour would you choose, which style??? I had a sneaky feeling....and a week later UPS rolled up with them! Well, they were actually Thai Silk STRIPED curtains...I thought it was a cruel joke, but they screwed up the technically 3 weeks later, they arrived! Ryan was sure he'd find me cuddling them in the middle of the night, but I fought the urge. Ha! In all seriousness, I adore them. They are so beautifully made. All lined and silky. Totally yummy. So many times I almost settled for other silk knock-offs and look-a likes, but I am SO happy I waited for what I truly wanted.

Here's a pic of the drapery from the RH website. I'll get around to snapping a pic of them in my living room and post it soon (I totally think they look even better in my house~wink)


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