Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cane you believe what I found???

I should rephrase that...Cane (sorry, I just can't stop myself) you believe what my Sister found on someone's driveway???!!! I.Can't.Believe.It. I am SO thrilled!!! So, I get a call from my sister, she says, "I think I found one of those cane chairs you's on someone's driveway, do you want it?" I paused in disbelief and asked her to send me a pic....this was way too good to be true!!! She sent me this pic and I couldn't believe it, it was awesome! I can't get over the detail on the arms and legs of this chair, just gorgeous. The cane is also in perfect condition. Well folks, we have ourselves a chair makeover! Yippee! I'll keep you posted, just trying to decide on a fabric!

Can you believe how she drove it home!???! Tee hee!


Photo Credits~ My Sissy!

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