Friday, 16 March 2012

Delectable Dining Rooms

There's just something so delectable about a formal dining room. These one's are particularly delicious...totally glam, totally perfect

That carpet and those chairs....oohhh

This just may be the most perfect room ever

Photo Credits~ Diana Humphrey, Segreto, Traditional Home, This is Glamorous, Bijou and Boheme, The Enchanted Home, Coorengel-Calvagrac 


  1. Hi beautiful! Love dining rooms but its ashame they are not used more often. Love all the pretty ones you show!

  2. Hello Darling! I totally agree! It is a shame that formal dining rooms are not used more often. Meals always seem to taste better, or "fancier" when served in the dining room!
    I'd be honored if you followed my blog!


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