Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hot Trends

Let me tell you, I am DYING over this season's trend of colour, colour, and more colour!  Beautiful pinks, mints, purples, teals, turquoises, corals, and lots of pastels...LOVE! These are MY colours! I am especially loving colored pants! I need to get a pink pair for sure. Also trending right now~ TONSO jewellery, aka Wrist Party!!! This has always been an issue for know how they say, take off one accessory before you leave the house??? Ya, I usually have to take off 3 or 4! Thank goodness this is FINALLY a trend and I won't look like a crazy person anymore!

Coloured pants

Wrist party! My fav! Love me some arm candy!

This next picture made my heart skip a
I've had my heart set on it for quite some time now (sigh)

Take a minute to wipe away the drool Ladies! ;)

Colour, colour, colour! Coloured satchels are a must

I'm also LOVING these nail colours. Aka Ice Cream Nails! 

CHUNKY jewellery, yes please!

All the trends summed up in one lovely shot!

Photo Credits~ The Look Out, Fashion's Crown, Workday.Weekend, The Fashion Dish, JCrew, Pinterest, Pretty Please

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