Thursday, 28 June 2012


Just want you guys to know how wonderful I think you all are! Smooch! I also wanted to share some photos from Diane von Furstenberg's Manhattan penthouse. It's a little eccentric, OK a lot eccentric, and I probably wouldn't have a pink hot lips couch in my house, but I LOVE looking at different homes for fun. It's like watching fashion shows, half of the stuff I wouldn't wear, but it's amazing and inspiring to look at!

That table is fab!

I do love that little wooden dog on the floor!

Love, love those drapes

Doesn't everyone have a life sized photo of themselves in their living room???

Photo Credits~ Architectural Digest


  1. ah i love her so much! her place is amazing! i would love to visit it and see it in real life. i can imagine it would look even better!

    1. She is tres fab isn't she? Have you seen her home line? Her stuff is just beautiful!
      I'd love to see this home in person too! I imagine it to be even more opulent in person.
      Thanks for stopping by Doll!
      xoxo, Sarah


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