Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hello Lover

Do you ever look back at old issues of your favourite magazines??? I was looking through past issues of Vogue when I was reminded of one of my favourite features of all time...Sarah Jessica Parker's New York home.
I have to admit that I have the biggest girl crush on Carrie Sarah. I secretly hope that she's just like Carrie Bradshaw in real life (and yes, I still have't come to terms with the fact that Sex and the City is over). And I also imagined her to look just this glam on a daily basis, that's why these photos were so funny to me when I first got this issue.

I love how delightfully messy the rooms are and how stunningly chic she looks amongst the chaos

I imagine this is a scene from their house just before they are going out on the town to a gala or the opera

Possibly my favourite picture of all time...love how impossibly chic she looks while her little darling daughters play amongst their huge stuffed animals in the messy kitchen. Love how her daughter is feeding the stuffed horse! To die for

 Photo Credits~ Vogue


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    1. Hi Doll! That makes me so happy! Glad to have you following! Off to visit your blog :)
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