Sunday, 8 January 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like....a living room!!!!

Since moving in, Ryan and I have been busy decorating our house. Decorating is not cheap! If you know me, I want everything done YESTERDAY, so it is super hard for me to do things slooowly and over time. That's part of the reason I started blogging, as a way to organize all my "ideas" and get inspiration from all the beautiful rooms I was seeing online.
Here are a few pictures of our progress so far...

I had my heart set on a chandelier but Ryan thought it was a bit too "fussy" for the dining room, so I started noticing the more contemporary chandeliers in magazines and was THRILLED when I saw this look-a-like at Osso lighting! Here is our oh so glamorous, yet not too "fussy" chandelier!

Before I moved in, Ryan and I made our first home purchase together (Awww) and got this gorgeous leaning mirror that sits in the front entry-way 

While shopping one lazy Sunday afternoon, Ryan and I found this amazing side table. I am not kidding when I say we had been searching for a side table for a year! So when I saw this one, I instantly fell in love (much like when I met my Husband! lol)

 Love the glass top and details around

Another view of our French side chair. Pictures just do NOT do it justice!!! The new Paris map, looks great above it!

Found this gorgeous antique map of Paris at Stacarro. These pictures really do NOT do it justice. It is one of my favourite prints

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  1. I absolutely adore your living room, very tasteful, love the clean lines, the fabulous story about the side table, and all the great touches that makes your house a home. It elegant and so divine.


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