Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Spice up your life

A fun and relatively inexpensive way to spice up your life...or your vanity! We recently updated our bathroom. We painted it Zeppelin grey (surprise, surprise!), replaced the vanity mirror, found a SUPER soft and yummy bath carpet, and found a knock-off Restoration Hardware towel rack (Yay!)
Here's where we got "spicy"....I loved the look of the vanity, but the knobs just weren't doing it for me... so we decided to go glam! We replaced the original and oh so boring knobs with these crystal knobs. I also did the same to our hallway closet. I found these beautiful antique crystal knobs in a sweet little store in Port Perry. It's a little thing but really makes a big difference!

Hallway closets- added these antique crystal knobs

Before and after! New and improved knob on the top, boring and blah on the bottom!

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