Sunday, 22 January 2012

They have a name!

Ok, so I've been noticing these unique "wreaths" lately and had to find out what they were and where to get one! I did some major "design research"...ha! I found out that these little guys have a name! Let me introduce you to the Juju hat! Turns out that these little "wreaths" are actually feathered Camaroonian ceremonial headdresses, also known as Tyns. They are hand -made and worn by prominent members of society, as well as the Juju dancers in West Africa. The intricate design of the feathers is sewn onto a tight raffia base and covered with wood and cloth material. 

Little did I know that after looking up Juju hats on several design blogs and magazines, I realized they they have become the darlings of the design world! They are all over the place! Apparently "real designers" have been using these for years! What do I know!?! Plus, as pointed out on Nesting Place, since they are now showing up on  the likes of HGTV, their popularity with designers will wain because that means it's WAY too mainstream and "normal folk" might start using them! Maybe we'll start finding juju hats in garbages all over town! What's more shocking to me was the price of these beauties....between $200-400!!! Apparantly they are rare and hard to find! Probably not happening in our home any time soon, but have a look at these exotic and fun little "trendy" juju hats!

Photo Credits, Sources~ Candice Olsen, Desire to Decorate, Odi et Amo, Nesting Place

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